Funny Dog in Cheerleader Costume

Cute Cheerleader Dog

funny cheerleader dog

Are you having a cute looking Pomeranian female dog? Would you like to make her cuter so that she turns heads when she accompanies you? Well, then the best way to do that is to dress your girl in a cute cheerleader costume.  This adorable cheerleader costume also comes with cute looking pom-pom anklets. You can also get a cute looking blonde hair wig to make your dog look cuter. Continue reading

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Funny Cat with Fur Styling

Funny Cat with Stylish Fur

 funny cat with fur styling


Woo hoo! Just take a look at this funny cat! What a great style of fur! Isn’t she looking really funny? This cat with her spiky fur style just looks like a member of a rock band!

But is it good to go for such fur styling for your cat? Continue reading

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Funny Dog with Moustache

Funny Pomeranian Dog with Mustache

funny dog with moustache

Aww! Just take a look at this picture of a cute Pomeranian wearing a hat and monocles, and sporting a grey mustache … isn’t he looking like a dignified gentledog? :)

Well,  many pet owners like to dress up their pets. The pets also look very adorable when they are dressed up. For this dog, the mustache theme suits perfectly. May be this is one of the best Halloween costumes for a Pomeranian dog. This Pomeranian is really looking very cute with that hat and mustache. Continue reading

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Very Funny Hungry Hamster

Funny Hamster Eating Non-stop

Aww! Just take a look at this funny looking hungry hamster. Isn’t it amazing, the way he is gobbling food and stuffing it in his little cheeks for a midnight snack! Well, it really seems that this hungry hamster is saving food for the next one month! Well, if you think that this greedy hamster is going to die of overeating, you’re wrong.

Unlike human beings, hamsters eat only when they are hungry and would stop when they are full. Hamsters Continue reading

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Funny Dog Resembling a Towel

Funny Shar Pei Puppy on a Mat

funny wrinkly dog resembling towel

Hey hey hey! Wait! This is not a towel! Don’t step on it! Anybody can mistake this dog as a bath towel. How much wrinkly his skin is! This funny looking dog really resembles a bath towel or some cloth put on the floor. Its color is also matching with that of the mat. And, his eyes are almost lost in his skin.

This is the Shar Pei dog, a Chinese breed. He is known for his distinct wrinkly skin Continue reading

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Cute Cat Playing a Video Game

Funny Cat Playing a Computer Game

funny cat playing computer game

Oh! Why did you disturb me? I was almost near to getting a high score and I missed it by you calling me! Couldn’t you wait for 2 minutes? I have already folded my ears to concentrate on the game, can’t you see? Oops, the cat seems to be upset and sulky. You can see her resentful expressions for making her lose the game. By the way, cats indeed like to play video games, especially games that involve animated cat food!

This is a Scottish Fold cat, named after her folded ears.  Continue reading

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Funny Dog Dreaming

Funny Video of Dog Dreaming

Have you heard the phrase ‘let sleeping dogs lie’?  Well, definitely you should not disturb a sleeping dog – you’d just instigate trouble. But, you can surely grab your camera and shoot a video of funny acts dogs do when they are sleeping and dreaming. Dogs are up to all types of things, from sleep-walking to sleep-barking, when they are enjoying their dreams!

Here’s a funny video clip of a sleep dog. Watch how this cute little doggie experiences his dream. You can see how he contracts his chest and barks, growls and whines in his dream. And, his barking in the dream sounds so cute, as if he’s laughing. Is he watching a funny dream? We can only guess what he is dreaming about :) Continue reading

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Funny Hamster in Princess Dinosaur Costume

Funny Hamster Walking in Dinosaur Costume

funny hamster dinosaur costume

Are dinosaurs extinct? Well, if you have pet hamsters, now you can surprise your friends and family by making them wear these cute dinosaur costumes.  You can just dress up your hammy with this adorable pink dinosaur costume that is fit for a lovely princess!Your hammy may feel little uncomfortable in this dinosaur costume, but surely it will be the center of attraction for your Halloween party. If you’re planning to enter your pet hamster in Halloween pet costume contest, this one is surely an attention grabber.

The bright pink colored dinosaur costume looks great on any shade of hamster.  And, if you wish to have a more masculine dinosaur costume for your hammy Continue reading

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Dogs Resembling Their Owners

Dogs Resembling Their Owners

dogs resembling owners

Do dogs look like their owners? As pet dogs love to do all those things their owners do, it is now wonder that the dogs begin to look just like their masters. Check these funny picture of dogs that resemble their owners. Don’t they look similar to their owners? Which of these dogs do you think resemble the most to their owner?

Well, it is a fact that many dogs start resembling their owners not only in appearance but also in other ways, such as personality and habits. Most pet owners love their dogs so much that they start treating them just like their family membee.  And in return, the dog starts acting like their ownerss. The dogs grow and love walks in the park, car rides, foods the family eats, and on some occasions they are even dressed up by their owners in outfits of their likes. No wonder, eventually the dogs  start to look just like their owners.

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Cute Dog Picture – Minnie Mouse Costume

Cute dog in Minnie Mouse Costume

cute dog minnie mouse costume

It’s a wonderful summer day and you are thinking of spending the day out in an open park having some nice fun with your cute pet dog. You want your pet to look fashionable and chic, so that it could be the center of attention in the park. So, what’s a better way than to dress up your pet dog in some cute costume?

Now, which costume to select for your dog will depend on the size and personality of your dog. And, if you want to get some inspiration, you can visit some dog fashion events like the dog fashion parade on ‘Dress Up Your Pet Day’. Here’s a cute dog dressed up as Minnie Mouse. It surely looks funny as her owner is also dressed up in Minnie Mouse costume. Continue reading

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