Cute Baby Jaguar Palying with Mother

Cute Jaguar Cub playing with Mother

cute juguar cub playing with mom

Aww… Look at this cute baby jaguar playing with its mother! All animal babies look very cute, and jaguar cubs are no exception! This cute jaguar cub is looking very loving and adorable playing with mother jaguar. You know what? Baby jaguars are helpless when they are born and very much need the mother jaguar to nurse them for about two years form their birth!

But be careful .. the Jaguars have a very strong bite, two times stronger than that of a lion. Jaguars have very powerful jaws that can rip through even a hard turtle shell. Jaguars are becoming endangered and we should help to save jaguars in the wild.

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Cute Baby Jaguar Palying with Mother, 6.5 out of 10 based on 4 ratings
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