Cute Baby Rat with a Teddy Bear

Cute Baby Rat holding a Teddy Bear

cute rat with teddy bear

Not many people like the idea of having a pet rat. Rats are not exactly known for looking adorable, but if you look at this picture of a baby rat playing with a teddy bear, you may instantly get cured of your rat phobia.

Have ever seen a cute baby rat holding a tiny teddy bear? Isn’t this one of the cutest baby rats in the world that looks so amazing! It looks like the baby rat just loves his adorable little teddy bear. And think about that teddy, how tiny it must be! So, which one do you think is cuter: the baby rat or the tiny teddy bear?

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Cute Baby Rat with a Teddy Bear, 8.5 out of 10 based on 8 ratings

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