Five Cutest Baby Animals

5 Cutest Baby Animals

Whenever you think about cute animals, you may often think of animal babies, especially kittens and puppies. Of course, these baby animals are always cute and they will amuse you for hours. But even the baby animals in the wild are very cute and adorable, and you cannot stop yourself smiling when you look at their picture. Just take a look at these five cutest baby animals and know more about their breeds.

Cute Baby Koalas

cute baby koala in handsWhat a baby Koala can make you go awww? Is it its cute hair tufts around ears? Or Its chubby, round cheeks? Or Its placid expressions? Whatever the reason, these cute furry koala babies are always on top ten lists of cute and adorable animals. Having a baby koala as a pet is just like a teddy bear come to your life. Generally, many people refer these cuties as ‘koala bear’. These baby koalas are from eastern Australia and it is a member of marsupial family- animals belonging to this family have pouch to carry their babies, just like Kangaroo.

Cute Baby Chimps

cute baby chimpsAmong the great apes, the baby Chimpanzees are very adorable and they look just like humans. They are extensively used in entertainment industry like circus as mascots, performers or even as movie or TV star, and this is just because they are very cute and have little comic behavior. Basically, baby chimps are very faithful as companions, and that is the reason why they have been adopted. The famous pop star Michael Jackson also have adopted one baby chimp, named Bubbles, who became famous, as she was touring with the King of Pop for many years till he got retired.

Though you can see chimpanzees, appearing in films and TV programs, they are an endangered species. That’s why animal rights activists banned people to use chimpanzee in entertainment industry. Their presence in such programs may lead to misunderstanding that there are a number of chimps present in the wild. But, this is not true. Because of poaching and human encroachment in wild areas, there are only approx. 200,000 chimps are left in the whole world.

Cute Baby Harp Seal

cute baby harp sealThe harp seal belongs to one of the three large communities of seals, and live in the Arctic region. These animals do not have ears. The new born baby seals have yellow fur and it turn white quickly after birth. When they become adults, their fur color changes to grey and dark colored markings appear on their back. Baby seals having white fur look so cute and adorable, you may never have seen before.

What is the reason behind having white fur for baby seals and it turns into grey when grown up? It’s a type of adaptation of seals to live in polar region. Baby seals spend a lot of their time on land, which is covered with snow, whereas parents live underwater in ocean. So, to protect these baby harp seals from predators like beers, their skin is white and turns into grey afterwards.

Even if these seals become grown up, they remain cute and this stage never last for them. These baby seals shed their fur in around two weeks from birth swapping it to grey.

Cute Baby Emperor Penguin

cute baby emperor penguinWhether it is a fowl or a fish, all baby animals are damn cute! but the baby emperor penguin is one of the most cutest, and adorable animals. Just like harp seals, both baby penguins and adult ones look very cute. Baby penguins look so cute with their black, grey and white fur and tiny head and legs. They look so cute while walking, just like a toy. These cute babies can melt your heart, even if you are a hard person! Adult penguins also look very cute and beautiful with their black, white and yellow markings of skin.

What made these cute penguins- from the Antarctic region- so popular? The movie named March of the Penguins, released a few years ago, introduced penguins to people, and after that people fell in love with these cute animals.

Cute Baby Bottlenose Dolphin

cute baby bottlenose dolphinYou may find some animals cute only because they look cute, but bottlenose dolphins are very rare animals that are cute outside and inside as well. How they are cute inside? They are very playful, intelligent and curious. They always seem to be in a happy mood because of their twinkling eyes and smiling beak.

Bottle-nosed dolphins are very friendly in nature. Unlike other animals that act aggressively with you and shy away from you, dolphins become your friend in just a few meetings. Dolphins are known for their quality of rescuing a human friend from danger. You may like to gather at beaches which are known for swimming dolphins, and hope to have a glimpse of them. You can also like to play with these sea friends.

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