Funny Baby Elephant Plays in Kids Pool

Baby Elephant Playing in Kiddie Pool

Just watch this video of an adorable Asian baby elephant named ‘Belle’ with her mother ‘Rasha’ in the Fort Worth’s zoo. Just watch how this cute baby elephant is having the time of her life as she cools herself in the tiny kiddie pool, under the watchful eye of her mother. It will surely melt your heart. This is the first time that this 3 week old  baby elephant is trying out the kids pool. Surely, you would love watching this video of the baby elephant cooling herself off by splashing water and rolling around in the kiddie pool.

Elephants are intelligent animals and baby elephants are no exception. Baby elephants are curious about things around them and try to learn new things every day – such as how to use their trunks and legs. And we can also learn a lot from baby elephants, especially if you wish to know how to cool off in a swimming pool in the hot summer season. Most baby zoo animals look cute and adorable especially when they are playing and you can see that elephant calfs are no exception.

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