Funny Dog Picture – Chihuahua in Taco Costume


Funny Chihuahua in Halloween Taco Costume

funny pet photos chihuahua taco costume

Are you looking for a perfect Halloween costume for your pet Chihuahua this year? Then, just take a look at this funny looking Chihuahua folded in crispy taco shells. The beef, tomato, lettuce and green peppers look realistic and give the costume a spicy look! Well, the poor dog must be saying to himself ‘What people do to make me look so silly’ !  But, any chihuahua lover would be delighted to dress his dog in this funny looking Taco dog costume.

This Chihuahua Halloween costume looks just perfect! Not only does it fit to the small body type Chihuahua; but the theme of a chihuahua and taco goes together really well, that it can make your family, friends and guests just smile at the first look.  Chihuahuas are so cute and your pet dressed as a Taco dog walking around in your house, would definitely make him the talk of the town.

SO, if you have a Chihuahua as a pet, how about dressing him up in this beefy Taco Costume?  This Taco Costume is the deliciously fun way for dress up your dog for the Halloween.  This Taco dog costume would look just adorable on your pet Chihuahua. Of course, it’s so cute that any small dog can wear it.

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