Taking Funny Pet Photos

How to Take Funny Pet Pictures

funny dog picturesHaving pets such as dogs and cats can give you a great joy, especially when they make you laugh. And, the good thing is that pets never feel bad when you are laughing at them. It’s just like they are always there to entertain us. Every pet owner loves to have a picture of his/ her loving pet stuck on his fridge door, in some funny and crazy poses.  Capturing such priceless moments of your pets in a photograph can give you joy for a many years.

You can capture pictures of your pet dog or cat in funny situations, or you may make the pictures look funnier by modifying them digitally. You can also post these pictures on your social media accounts to share them with your friends, and they may have fun in watching your funny pet photos too. After all, all pets are the best source of fun, laughter and amusement.

Tips for taking funny pet pictures

Here are some tips that will help you in taking funny pet pictures in a creative way. You may take pictures of your pet and give these pictures a funnier look by modifying them a little or adding captions, using Photoshop.

First and most important thing you have to do is, get down on your pets’ level. It will make your pictures more interesting and friendly.

Secondly, try to avoid direct sunlight. The sunlight that is focusing directly may enhance other details e.g. it can make shadows too dark to recognize any of details in it. It is good to carry out your photo shoot in open shade and if you are working indoors, then find out the location from where no direct sunlight comes in.

Third is, make sure that eyes of your pet are in focus. If the eyes are sharp in pictures, we can neglect other shallow areas in the picture that are out of focus.

Fourth important thing you should keep in mind is, you must pay attention to the remaining frame of the picture. You often tend to capture a picture in such a way that, your pet’s face will remain in center and waste the space around your pet. Just have a look on the view, and place your pet there such that, the picture will look interesting without distracting the background.

The last and the most important is your patience! Little bit of patience and the dedication when combine together, give the best result and the great shot of your pet.

Funny Pet Photos as Your Side Business

You can collect these pictures and make your own calendar of funny pet pictures. If you have collection of pictures you can use them anywhere you need, whether on your blog or to publish a photo gallery of funny pet pictures. You can also use the greeting cards and pictures in them to use in your picture gallery.

You can make a photo gallery or a book of your pictures and may sell it as a professional photo gallery for funny pet pictures. You can collect these photos, make a story line for these photos and just find a well known publisher who will agree to publish your book. Just visit these publishers with a rough idea of book, but don’t show them just your collection of pictures.

So with your photography skills and with the help of your pets, you can have your own published book, and you may become famous for your book! So you must thank your pets for such an idea!

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