Why Baby Animals are So Cute?

Cute Baby Animals

You often coo over baby animals, no matter of which species they are – whether pet animals like puppies or kittens or babies of wild animals, zoo animals or farm animals! You can also witness this from the popularity of videos and pictures of cute baby animals on the Internet. So, what makes baby animals so cute? Why animal babies appear so cute and adorable to us? May be everyone has their own answer to this question. Some like baby animals because they look so innocent with their lovey fur and big eyes. Some like them as they find them cute in how they make attempts to get adapted to the new world they are in. Definitely, baby animals are a nature’s cute creation that makes us forget our worries. So, if you want to know why the baby animals so cute, here are some explanations. Please also tell us what’s your opinion about the cuteness of the baby animals.

Cuteness of Baby Animals

This factor is the least comprehensible, but it may be the most obvious one. You find baby animals cute, because they are cute! There is no need to explain this. Actually, you find baby animals so cute, as they are adorably incommensurate. You see that, a puppy has big ears, paws and sometimes head that are too big for is body. It also applies for baby monkeys. They sometimes have very big eyes for their face and it seems that it conveys their innocence. The same thing happens with baby elephants. Though an elephant calf has huge ears and head, it seems so cute.

Innocence of Baby Animals makes them Cute

Baby animals seem just like human babies, as they are untainted and innocent. Baby wild animals have likely never killed for their food, and while you can’t blame wild animals for killing to eat, as you know that somehow there is distance between you and them.

For example, you find a lion cub adorable because you can cuddle him or play with him. Adult lions are also beautiful, but you don’t want them close to you, hence you may not find them cute.

You may feel that, you can control baby animals, as you are stronger than baby animals. Therefore, you think that they will not pose danger to you, and this feeling of you makes them cute!

Helpless Baby Animals look Cute

Adult animals of most species get attracted to baby animals of most species because they have a natural instinct to care for helpless.

You can find many stories of adult animals who have nurtured baby animals of other species. You will find that, a mother dog may sometimes take an orphaned baby from different species into her litter to nurture and nurse that helpless baby. There is a famous story of a dog that helped a sick kitten.

It’s engrained in us that we want to care for those who can’t do themselves. There are some exceptions, but as we say, rules are proved always with exceptions. So, you may want to help baby animals, as they can’t take care of themselves, especially to when you want to preserve one’s life. Thus, this helplessness of baby animals makes them cute for us.

Nurturing Cute Baby Animals

Nurturing is different from helpless factor. You want to nurture a cute baby animal when you see one. Nurturing is different from helplessness because you do not want only to save life of any baby animal with basic feeding and giving them shelter, but you want to cuddle them and make them feel loved. It is quiet natural.

And that is the reason, why some humans find fuzzy and furry baby animals cuter than slimy and scaly animals.

So, these are some factors that make baby animals cute. You may have different opinions than these factors. Share them if you would like to.

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